TUFF-N-DRI® Quick Cure 90: Higher Standards for Better Protection

With its exceptional ability to hang on the wall and easily build to your target thickness, Tremco Barrier Solutions now offers a performance warranty on vertical, below-grade foundation wall cracks of up to 1/8” with a cured membrane of 60 mils. That’s TWICE the crack coverage of the industry standard! Only Tremco Barrier Solutions has the confidence and experience to offer this level of protection.

So whatever the weather conditions, you can expect TUFF-N-DRI Quick Cure to set up and cure up to 90% faster. In fact, its greatest value to you is when it’s sprayed with rain, sleet or snow in the forecast and you need to get a job done NOW!

Quick Cure 90 Basement Waterproofing

TUFF-N-DRI H8 Benefits

The superior hang strength of TUFF-N-DRI® H8 delivers a consistent thickness for maximum waterproofing performance when it cures to 40 mils. Other waterproofing products slide down the wall and pool at the footer, leaving basement walls vulnerable to leaks and seepage.

  • Holds back up to 8 feet of water under hydrostatic pressure
  • Specifically formulated to span concrete settling cracks, sealing against water leaks
  • A key step toward protecting a home's value, improving energy efficiency and providing a luxury basement space
  • Special two-part system combines seamless waterproofing membrane with quality foundation board
  • In hundreds of thousands of applications, over 99% of homeowners are satisfied with the performance of TUFF-N-DRI (based on warranty claims)
  • DrainStar® Strip Drain and Z-Drain can be conveniently installed by the same contractor during the TUFF-N-DRI installation. This can save you production time as well as material costs, which can save you dollars on each home
  • Backed by a 30-year transferable performance warranty
Waterproofing Tuff N Dri Diagram

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